An animated sketch comedy cartoon series

…Never-before seen moments from the Oval Office…

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman! …I had oral relations… There’s a difference!” - Bill Clinton

“Son, you can be anything we pay for you to be!” - George Sr.

“Being pardoned is SWEET.” - Richard Nixon

“Trust me, I have a nice piece of land picked out for you guys.” - Andrew Jackson

“What do you mean it’s not a toilet?!?!” - Abe Lincoln

“What?! I grow HEMP!” - George Washington

These Hebrew Hippies are just now finding themselves thanks to the help of their new friend, Mary Jane.

Boy, interviews are fun, aren’t they?

Happy wife, happy life… right?

Everyone brings something different to a relationship.

“O.M.G. A fly literally just flew into my mouth.”

"What’s the deal with The Lone Ranger?

I mean, he’s hanging out with Tonto all the time, how lonely can he be?!”

His go-to spot is a Japanese restaurant. He must know what he’s talking about.

College is tough stuff.

Meet Tommy Calabro, owner of and other bomb-ass websites.

Ohhh just another day at the Death Star…

It’s his house, but it’s her world…

He’s a working sketchbook. Simple as that.

A few more characters…